Completed in May 2020, at Georgia State University.

Combination of personal cultural background and international travel served as inspiration for my research.


Since the introduction of international air travel, airports have aimed to be shared spaces that are accessible and understandable to all. In this quest for universal approachability, airports became sterile: characterless, hospital-like clouds devoid of any diversity or cultural representation. This “one fits all” approach to space, identity, and interior design was borrowed from European style movements such as Swiss Design and International Style. Clean, sterile, and straight to the point, these movements eliminated all cultural references.

Almost one hundred years of aesthetic sanitizing has left travelers with spaces, brands, and way-finding systems devoid of personality and warmth. In my thesis work, I recreate international airport logos, waiting areas, and signage for three airports in Germany, Russia and the United States. My goal is to help these airports function better as visual cultural ambassadors by incorporating design elements drawn from cultural representation of each country, expressed through art and iconography.

Gallery front view of the thesis work display

Gallery view of the Russia wall

Gallery view of the Germany wall

Gallery view of the US wall

Russian Airport logo re-design

German Airport logo re-design

US Airport logo re-design

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